Wednesday, September 10, 2008


To me music is universal and trancend no barriers.
My early influences in music was during the 1960's.
When i was about 10 years old, my brother and sister
were dancing to the latest hits during their birthday's
parties at home. The Beatles , Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard
and The Rolling Stones were the top on their lists.
My other brother who stays in Singapore, brought back
singles by The Quests, The Trailers and The Straydogs, that
stirred up my interest in music. The journey continued
until now.


newd acid said...

My earliest memories of music coming out of a box called 'radio' was the song 'Tequila'. I also remembered hearing 'It's now or never' by Elvis.

Anonymous said...

I was very active in the late 60s and early 70s in my quest for music.I used to go to the Time Tunnel,Tomorrow Disco,Hut,Travellers Grill,Glass Bubble and Tin Mine watching the Experiments,Strollers,Wild Timers,Brown ,Black and Blues,Falcons,Downbeats,Booty Boys,Truth,Revolvers,Zakariah Dash and many others.Attended many concerts when at the Xperimental Theatre in the University Malaya.It was the pinnacle of music and composition in Malaysia.It was great!remember Cisco Kid and Grand Funk Railroad...I can go on and on!!

ZUSA said...

V, you forgot the Cellar in Jalan Barat. The OldTimers used to perform there.

foodbin said...

well, no music no life