Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alice Cooper-Billion Dollars Babies.

Alice Cooper-vocals, guitar, harmonica.
Glen Buxton-lead guitar.
Michael Bruce-rhythm guitar.
Dennis Dunaway-bass.
Neal Smith-drums.

Alice Cooper was an American rock band formed in 1968.

Their stage acts are real bizarre, theatrical and violent with live chicken, boa constrictors, fake blood, guillotines, electric chairs, axe chopping of baby dolls....etc.

This album recorded under the Warner Bros label in 1973 was a huge commercial success for them and reached #1 in both the US and UK charts.

My fave song is "No more Mister Nice Guy"

Side One: 1. Hello Hooray 2. Raped and Freezin' 3. Elected 4. Billion Dollar Babies 5. Unfinished Sweet.

Side Two: 1. No more Mister Nice guy (video) 2. Generation Landslide 3. Sick things 4. Mary Ann 5. I love the dead.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Deep Purple In Live Concert at The Royal Albert Hall.

Jon Lord-keyboards.
Ritchie Blackmore-guitars.
Ian Gillan-vocals.
Roger Glover-bass.
Ian Paice-drums.

Deep Purple are one of Britain's finest hard rock bands.

This album was the first of it's kind to mix rock with symphony music-composed by Jon Lord and lyrics by Ian Gillan.

It was performed with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestral-conducted by Malcolm Arnold on 24-9-1969 and released as an album on January 1970 under the Harvest label-considered as a masterpiece and one of the most influential album of all times..

Side One: 1. 1st movement:Moderato-Allergro 2. 2nd movement: Andante part 1

Side Two: 1. 3rd movement:Andante 2. 3rd movement: Vivace-Presto