Sunday, November 29, 2009


Graham Field-organ.
David Kaffinetti-electric piano.
Steve Gould-bass guitar, lead vocals.
Mark Ashton-drums, timps, backing vocals.

Rarebird was an English progressive rock band formed in 1969 and was more famous in Europe than at home.

This studio album was recorded in 1969, under the Philip label and Tony Straton-Smith commented on their album sleeve:-
"Rarebird are a rare find, innovative, original, deeply musical and they are one on their own!"

The band sported dual keyboardists and was one of the finest band to emerged in the 1960's - 1070's..songs with well crafted lyrics, melody and harmonics which sounds fresh even today.

My fave song is "Sympathy" which sold a million copies.

Side One: 1. Iceberg 2. Times 3. You went away 4. Melanie.

Side Two: 1, Beautiful scarlet 2. Sympathy (video) 3. Natures fruit 4. God of war.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Kevin Mulligan-guitar.
Dieter Petereit-bass.
Hermann Weindorf-keyboards.
Curt Cress- drums.
Klaus Doldinger-soprano, alto sax, keyboards, lyricon.
Victoria Miles-vocals.

This album was recorded under the Atlantic label in 1986 and featured maestro Klaus and his aging jazz rockers with lot of improvisation and a spiral of sounds from his saxophone.

My fave song is "Heavy nights"

Side One: 1.Bahia praia 2. Playing games 3. Here today 4. Forever.

Side Two: 1. Heavy nights 2. Easy come, easy go 3. Remembrance 4. It's magic.

I could not find any of this album songs on Youtube so here is Passport playing "Schirokko" with guest musician Alexis Corner (guy with cigarette).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Jimi Hendrix-vocals, guitar-impeccable, intricate, fluid licks.
Mitch Mitchell-drums-dependable and sure footed.
Billy Cox-bass-firm and solid.
Noel Redding-bass on Highway Chile, Tax Free, Midnight.

Jimi Hendrix influences on others music was two fold and he was arguably the greatest electric guitarist the world has ever seen.
His revolutionary guitar style-imitated a thousand times but never equalled!
He stands out for his originality and creativity and plays with a lot of electronic and feedback.

War Heroes was released in 1972 on the Polydor label to tie with the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's death.

The music on this album is psychedelic blues rock.

My fave song is "Stepping stone"

Side One: 1. Bleeding heart 2. Highway Chile 3. Tax free 4. Peter Gunn catastrophe 5. Stepping stone (video)

Side Two: 1. Midnight 2. 3 little bears 3. Beginning 4. Izabella.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Duane Allman-lead guitar, acoustic, slide guitar.
Dicky Betts-lead guitar.
Gregg Allman-organ, piano, vocals.
Berry Oakley-bass,vocals.
Jai Johanny Johanson-drums, percussion, congas, timbales.
Butch Trucks- drums, tympani.
Thom Doucette- harmonica, percussion.
Jaimoe-drums, percussion.
Chuck Leavell-piano, electric piano, background vocals.
Lamar Williams- electric bass.
Richard Betts-lead guitar, slide guitar, vocals.
Johnny Sandlin-acoustic guitar, percussion.
Bill Stewart-percussion.

The Allman Brothers Band is an influential and innovative American blues, rock group spearheaded by Duane Allman with two lead guitarists and two drummers-a unique first for blues, rock and country music.

Duane Allman's death at an early age was a loss to the "Southern rock" music scene- if not he would have taken the electric slide guitar to even more celestial heights.

This album was recorded on their own Capricorn label and is a compilations album of all their hits songs- with the sleeves written in the German/English language.

My fave song is "Statesboro blues" and "Midnight rider"

Side One: 1. Black hearted woman 2. Dreams 3. Whipping post 4. Midnight rider (video).

Side Two: 1. Statesboro Blues (video) 2. Stormy Monday 3. Hoochie Coochie man 4. Stand back.

Side Three 1. One way out 2. Blue sky 3. Hot' lanta 4. Ain't wastin' time no more 5. Melissa.

Side Four: 1. Wasted words 2. Jessica 3. Rambling man 4. Little Martha.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Wolfgang Schmid-bass, guitar.
Curt Cress-drums, electric percussions.
Kristian Schultze-Fender piano, organ.
Klaus Doldinger-tenor sax, soprano sax, moog, electric piano, mellotron.

This was their last album and was released under the WEA label in 1973.

The music on this album is fusion jazz improvisation rock of the 70's era centering around Klaus saxophone-playful, tight and upbeat.

My fave song is "Tarantula"

Side One: 1. Eternal spiral 2. Looking thru' 3. Zwischenspiel 4. Rockport.

Side Two: 1. Tarantula 2. Ready for take off 3. Eloquence 4.Things to come.