Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West, Bruce & Laing-Whatever Turns You On.

Leslie West (ex- Mountain) -guitar, dobro,vocals.
Jack Bruce (ex- Cream) -bass, organ, harp, vocals.
Corky Laing (ex Mountain) -drums, percussion.

West, Bruce and Laing formed in 1972, is a blues/hard rock super group in the mould of The Cream.

This second studio album under the RSO label, reached #87 on the US Billboard chart- was not as successful as their first album "Why Dontcha"

The album cover depicts their alter-"turns on" i.e :

My fave song is "Slow Blues"

Side One: 1. Backfire 2. Token 3. Shifting Sand 4. November Song.

Side Two: 1. Rock and Roll Machine 2. Scotch Krotch 3. Slow Blues (video) 4. Dirty Shoes 5. Like A Plate

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Frijid Pink-Defrosted.

Tom Beaudry (ex Detroit Vibrations)-bass.
Rich Stevers (ex Detroit Vibrations)-drums, tympani.
Kelly Green-vocals, cowbells.
Gary Thompson-lead, rhythm guitar.

Frijid Pink is an American rock/blues band formed in 1967.
They had a hit single, a cover of "The House of the rising sun" by Eric Burdon and The Animals in 1969 which sold a million copies.

At their heights of popularity even Led Zeppelin opened for them at Grande Ballroom in Detroit.

This debut album was recorded under the Deram label in 1970 and yielded a hit single with the song "Sing a song of freedom".

The band went through a lot of changes in musicians and still continues to perform in clubs around the Michigan area.

Side One: 1. Black Lace 2. Sing a song f0r freedom (video) 3. I'll never be lonely 4. Bye bye blues.

Side Two: 1. Pain in my heart 2. Sloony 3. I'm moving 4. I haven't got the time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Monkees-EP-Volume 2.

Davy Jones-tambourine, drums, vocals.
Micky Dolenz-drums, vocals.
Mike Nesmith (Wool hat)-guitar, vocals.
Peter Tork-bass, banjo, guitar, vocals.

The Monkees were a teenybopper pop band formed for a TV series known as "The Monkees" aired in 1966-1968.

They were mentored and managed by Don Kirshner.

The Monkees are the first artists achieving #1 hits in the the USA and Britain simultaneously !

They created some sort of a Beatles-mania in everywhere that they performed.

This EP was released under the RCA label in 1967.

My fave song is "I'm a believer"

Side One: 1. I'm a believer 2. Papa Gene's blues.

Side Two: 1. This just doesn't seem to be my day 2. Let's dance on.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

War-The world is a ghetto.

Howard E Scott (ex-The Creators)-guitar, percussions, vocals.
B B Dickerson-bass, percussions, vocals.
Lonnie Jordan-organ, piano, timbales, percussions, vocals.
Harold Brown (ex-The Creators)-drums, percussions, vocals.
Papa Dee Allen-conga,bongos, percussions, vocals.
Charles Miller-clarinet, alto, tenor, baritone saxes, percussions, vocals.
Lee Oskar-harmonica, percussions, vocals.

War (originally Eric Burdon & War) is an American funk band founded in 1969.
Had hits with Low rider, Spill the wine, The Cisco kid, and The world is a ghetto.
They are a multi-ethnic line-up with a diverse styles of music i.e. funk, jazz, Latin, R&B, and reggae.
The band's goal was to spread a message of harmony and brotherhood.

Eric Burdon left the group in 1971.

This album under the United Artists label was released in 1972-was a timeless masterpiece with great lyrics, individual solos, upbeat with solid bass lines.

# 1 0n Billboard-best selling album of 1973.

My fave song is "The Cisco Kid."

Side One: 1. The Cisco kid (video) 2. City, country, city 3. Beetles in the bog.

Side Two: 1. Four cornered room 2. Where was you at 3. The world is a ghetto.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tanya Tucker-Greatest hits.

Tanya Tucker-guitar, vocals.

Tanya Tucker is an American country music singer.
She was born on October 10, 1958 in Seminole, Texas, USA.
Had her first hit in 1972 with the song "Delta Dawn" when she was only 13 years old.

In 2002 she was voted #20 in the "40 Greatest women of country music" by CMT.

This album is a compilation album of her greatest hits.

Side One: 1. Delta dawn (video) 2. Blood red and going down 3. The Jamestown ferry 4. What's your mama's name 5. I believe the south is gonna rise again.

Side Two: 1. Would you lay with me 2. Love's the answer 3. Rainy girl 4. No man's land 5. The man that turned my mama on.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Straydogs.

The different line-up of The Straydogs:

Dennis Lim-bass.
Jimmy Appudurai-Chua-lead guitar.
Lim Thian Soon-lead guitar.
William Tan-lead guitar.
Jeffrey Low-rhythm guitar.
Lawrence Lim-vocals.
Terry Tan-vocals.
Amir Shamsudin-drums.
James Tan-drums.
Lawrence Koh-drums.
Ronnie Knekenbeek-harmonica.

The Straydogs were a 60s Singaporean pop, blues band in a class of it's own.
They were ahead of their times, composed and wrote their songs which are raw, passionate and bluesy reminiscing of the early Yardbirds.

The harp work by Ronnie Knekenbeek is just great!

All three songs are collector's item.

1. Repent 2. Mum's too pampering 3. Freedom.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Badger-One Live Badger.

Tony Kayes-(ex-Flash, Yes)-keyboards, mellotron.
David Foster (ex The Warriors)-bass, vocals.
Roy Dyke (ex Ashton, Garner & Dyke)-drums.
Brian Parrish-electric guitar, vocals.

Badger was a progressive English rock band from the early 70s founded by Tony Kayes and David Foster.

This live album is their first album and was released in 1973 under the Atco label.

Music and songs are like an extension of Yes with more funky keyboards interacting with bluesy guitar licks and is a real high energy live set.

My fave song is "Wind of change"

Rock Art cover by Roger Dean.

Side One: 1. Wheel of fortune 2. Fountain 3. Wind of change (video).

Side Two: 1. River 2. The Preacher 3. On the way home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Freak Scene-Psychedelic Psoul.

The Freak Scene was an American studio band comprising:

David Bromberg.
Eliezer Adorzm.
Felix Pappalardi.
Herd Lovelle.
Jerry Satpir.
Mike Mohel.
Rusty Evans.
Steve Knight.
The Devil's Anvil.

They had some success with their 1966 studio project "The Deep"
Music is psychedelic, fun acid with dominating bass lines leading on most songs with obscured spunky vocals.

Quite entertaining and needs a couple of listen to get into it's groove.

This album was released under the CBS Label in 1967

My fave song is "Rose of smiling faces"

Side One: 1. A million grains of sand 2. ....when in the course of human events (Draft beer, not students) 3. Interpolation:we shall overcome 4. Rose of smiling faces (video) 5. Behind the mind 6. The subway ride thru inner space 7. Butterfly dream.

Side Two: 1. My rainbow life 2. The center of my soul 3. Watered down soul 4. Red roses will weep 5. Mind bender 6. Grok !

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Zombies-Odessey & Oracle.

Hugh Grundy-drums,
Colin Blunstone-lead vocals,
Chris White-bass,
Rod Argent-mellotron, keyboards,
Paul Atkinson-guitar.

The Zombies were a UK pop group of the 1960s and became the 2nd UK group to has an American #1 hit after The Beatles.

The musical style for this album is psychedelic pop with a bit of baroque and good chord structures with the prominent sound of Rod Argent keyboards.

After the album was released in 1968 under the CBS label with all original compositions by Rod Argent and Chris White, the band broke off.

In 1969, the song "Time of the season" has unexpected American success and ultimately became a rock classic song.

Side One :1. Care of cell 44 2. Rose for Emily 3. Maybe after he's gone 4. Beechwood Park 5. Brief candles 6. Hang up on a dream.

Side Two: 1. Changes 2.I want her, she wants me 3. This will be our year 4. Butcher's tale (Western front 1914) 5.Friends of mine 6. Time of the season (video).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Golden Earring-Together.

Barry Hay-vocals, guitar, flute, saxophone,
George Kooymans-vocals, lead guitar,
Rinus Gerritsen-bass, keyboards,
Cesar Zuiderwijik-drums, percussions.

Golden Earring are a Dutch rock band formed in 1961 and they are still performing.
They had 40 hits and over 30 gold and platinum albums.
In 1968 had first hit with the song "Dong Dong Diki Digi Dong"

Had international chart success with "Radar Love " in 1973.

This album was recorded in 1972 under the Polydor label.

My fave song is "Buddy Joe"

Side One"1. All day watcher 2. Avalanche of love 3. Cruisin' Southern Germany 4. Brother wind.

Side Two: 1. Buddy Joe ( video) 2. Jangalene 3. From Heaven from hell 4. Thousand feet below you.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Steppenwolf Gold-Their Greatest Hits.

John Kay (Sparrow)-vocalist.
Michael Monarch-guitarist.
Rushton Moreve-bassist.
Goldy McJohn(Mynah Birds)-keyboardist.
Jerry Edmonton(Sparrow)-drummer.
George Biondo-bass, vocal.

Steppenwolf is a Canadian-American tight hard rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1967.

The name was inspired by a novel "Der Steppenwolf" by Hermann Hesse.

All the songs on this album are #1 hits worldwide- sold 25 million units and have 8 gold albums to their name.

This album was released in 1971 under the EMI label and their loud, powerful raw classic rock music and singing will grab from the start to the end.

Side One: 1. Born to be wild(video) 2. It's never too late 3. Rock me 4. Hey Lawdy Mama 5. Move over 6. Who needs Ya.

Side Two: 1. Magic carpet ride 2. Faster than the speed of life 3. Sookie Sookie 4. Jupiter's child 5. Screaming night hog.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Quests 33rd Revolution.

Reggie Verghese-lead guitar.
Jap Chong-rhythm guitar.
Sam Toh-bass.
Lim Wee Guan-drums.
Vernon Cornelius-vocals.
Jimmy Chan-keyboardist.

The Quests was a Singaporean pop band signed with EMI in 1964.
They were one of the earliest band to compose their own songs and had a #1 hit with "Shanty" on the local charts.
They are good musicians and have performed all over South East Asia.
They went through a few personnel changes and disbanded in1971.

This album's psychedelic cover was a bold change by a local band and some of the songs incorporated local instruments like tabla and the sitar.

My fave song is "Hava Nagila"

Side One: 1. Hava Nagila (video) 2. Come on down to my boat 3. Quantanamera 4. Hur Pi Tzu Shau Hsiang 5. Never ever 6. Mr. Rainbow.

Side Two: 1. Georgy girl 2. 25 miles 3. What's is wrong with the way I live 4. This nearly was mine 5. I'll never fall in love again 6. A world of tomorrows.