Monday, September 13, 2010

The Monkees-EP-Volume 2.

Davy Jones-tambourine, drums, vocals.
Micky Dolenz-drums, vocals.
Mike Nesmith (Wool hat)-guitar, vocals.
Peter Tork-bass, banjo, guitar, vocals.

The Monkees were a teenybopper pop band formed for a TV series known as "The Monkees" aired in 1966-1968.

They were mentored and managed by Don Kirshner.

The Monkees are the first artists achieving #1 hits in the the USA and Britain simultaneously !

They created some sort of a Beatles-mania in everywhere that they performed.

This EP was released under the RCA label in 1967.

My fave song is "I'm a believer"

Side One: 1. I'm a believer 2. Papa Gene's blues.

Side Two: 1. This just doesn't seem to be my day 2. Let's dance on.


Z said...

A great EP of songs, especially "I'm a Believer", composed by Neil Diamond.

foodbin said...
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newd acid said...

Z-played it non-stop when I bought it.