Tuesday, September 7, 2010

War-The world is a ghetto.

Howard E Scott (ex-The Creators)-guitar, percussions, vocals.
B B Dickerson-bass, percussions, vocals.
Lonnie Jordan-organ, piano, timbales, percussions, vocals.
Harold Brown (ex-The Creators)-drums, percussions, vocals.
Papa Dee Allen-conga,bongos, percussions, vocals.
Charles Miller-clarinet, alto, tenor, baritone saxes, percussions, vocals.
Lee Oskar-harmonica, percussions, vocals.

War (originally Eric Burdon & War) is an American funk band founded in 1969.
Had hits with Low rider, Spill the wine, The Cisco kid, and The world is a ghetto.
They are a multi-ethnic line-up with a diverse styles of music i.e. funk, jazz, Latin, R&B, and reggae.
The band's goal was to spread a message of harmony and brotherhood.

Eric Burdon left the group in 1971.

This album under the United Artists label was released in 1972-was a timeless masterpiece with great lyrics, individual solos, upbeat with solid bass lines.

# 1 0n Billboard-best selling album of 1973.

My fave song is "The Cisco Kid."

Side One: 1. The Cisco kid (video) 2. City, country, city 3. Beetles in the bog.

Side Two: 1. Four cornered room 2. Where was you at 3. The world is a ghetto.


Z said...

'Cisco Kid' was a favorite at the discos, and one of mine.

newd acid said...

Z-I think it was Batu's fave, too.