Sunday, March 21, 2010

Neil Young-Tonight's the night.

Neil Young-vocal, piano, guitar, harmonica, vibes,
Nils Lofgren-guitar,
Ben Keith-steel guitar, vocal,
Billy Talbot-bass,
Ralph Molina-drums, vocal,
Danny Whitten-guitar, vocal,
Tim Drummond-bass,
Kenny Butterey-drums,
George Whitsell, vocal.

Tonight's the night is the eighth album by Neil Young and released under the Reprise label.

The music is country rock with a dark, raw and offhand recording style.

This album is his "darkest album"-pains over the death of his friends Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry and filled with liner notes.

From review by Dave Marsh: "There is no sense of retreat, no apology, no excuses offered and no quarter given. If anything, these are the old ideas with a new sense of aggressiveness. The jitteriness of the music, its sloppy, unarranged (but decidedly structured) feeling is clearly calculated.

My fave song is "Tonight 's the night"

Side One: 1. Tonight's the night (video) 2. Speakin' out 3. World on a string 4. Borrowed tune 5. Come on baby let's go downtown 6. Mellow my mind.

Side Two: 1. Roll another number (for the road) 2. Albuquerque 3. New mama 4. Lookout Joe 5. Tired eyes 6. Tonight's the night-Part 2.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lightnin' Slim-High and Low down.

Jeese Carr-solo, lead guitar.
Lightnin' Slim-rhythm guitar.
Clayton Ivy-piano, organ.
Fred Proudly-drums.
Bob Wary-bass.
Tippy Armstrong-harmonica.
Stacy Goss, Mike Strough, Sonny Royal, Charles Rose-horns.

Lightnin' Slim aka Otis V Hicks was an American blues musician (13/3/13-27/7/74)

He was born in St Louis, Missouri and was taught the guitar by his brother at aged 35.

His songs are about his outlook in life, emotions of a simple country man, superstitions, bad luck, hope and rough humor.

He has a perfect voice for the Blues-clear, vibrant and often very mourning with stark simplicity guitar works.

BB King quoted on this album sleeve "An authentic blues singer who has finally arrived."

My fave song is "Rooster blues"

Side One: 1. Rooster blues 2. Things I used to do 3. Bad luck blues 4. My Babe 5. G.I. blues.

Side Two: 1. Oh Baby 2. That's all right 3. Crazy 'bout you baby 4. Good morning heartaches 5. Voodoo blues.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Cosmo's Factory.

John Fogerty-lead guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica, vocals.
Stu Cook-bass.
Doug Clifford-drum.
Tom Fogerty-rhythm guitar.

Cosmo's Factory is American band Creedence Clearwater Revival fifth album recorded under the Liberty label in 1970.

It was #1 album on the Billboard Pop Charts with 5 hits singles.

The name of the album came from a warehouse where they rehearsed everyday.

Their songs have catchy lyrics and nice melodies and are easy to play and sing. All songs are perennial favorites in parties and music performances by others artistes.

My fave song is "Lookin' out my back door"

Side One: 1. Ramble Tamble 2. Before you accuse me 3. Travelin' band 4. Ooby Dooby 5. Lookin' out my back door (video) 6. Run through the jungle.

Side Two: 1.Up around the bend. 2. My baby left me. 3. Who'll stop the rain 4. I heard it through the grapevine 5. Long as I can see the light.