Sunday, March 21, 2010

Neil Young-Tonight's the night.

Neil Young-vocal, piano, guitar, harmonica, vibes,
Nils Lofgren-guitar,
Ben Keith-steel guitar, vocal,
Billy Talbot-bass,
Ralph Molina-drums, vocal,
Danny Whitten-guitar, vocal,
Tim Drummond-bass,
Kenny Butterey-drums,
George Whitsell, vocal.

Tonight's the night is the eighth album by Neil Young and released under the Reprise label.

The music is country rock with a dark, raw and offhand recording style.

This album is his "darkest album"-pains over the death of his friends Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry and filled with liner notes.

From review by Dave Marsh: "There is no sense of retreat, no apology, no excuses offered and no quarter given. If anything, these are the old ideas with a new sense of aggressiveness. The jitteriness of the music, its sloppy, unarranged (but decidedly structured) feeling is clearly calculated.

My fave song is "Tonight 's the night"

Side One: 1. Tonight's the night (video) 2. Speakin' out 3. World on a string 4. Borrowed tune 5. Come on baby let's go downtown 6. Mellow my mind.

Side Two: 1. Roll another number (for the road) 2. Albuquerque 3. New mama 4. Lookout Joe 5. Tired eyes 6. Tonight's the night-Part 2.


Z said...

This is a great album. Another one is "Journey Through the Past". Do you have it?

newd acid said...

Z-no, i don't have that albun