Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West, Bruce & Laing-Whatever Turns You On.

Leslie West (ex- Mountain) -guitar, dobro,vocals.
Jack Bruce (ex- Cream) -bass, organ, harp, vocals.
Corky Laing (ex Mountain) -drums, percussion.

West, Bruce and Laing formed in 1972, is a blues/hard rock super group in the mould of The Cream.

This second studio album under the RSO label, reached #87 on the US Billboard chart- was not as successful as their first album "Why Dontcha"

The album cover depicts their alter-"turns on" i.e :

My fave song is "Slow Blues"

Side One: 1. Backfire 2. Token 3. Shifting Sand 4. November Song.

Side Two: 1. Rock and Roll Machine 2. Scotch Krotch 3. Slow Blues (video) 4. Dirty Shoes 5. Like A Plate

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Frijid Pink-Defrosted.

Tom Beaudry (ex Detroit Vibrations)-bass.
Rich Stevers (ex Detroit Vibrations)-drums, tympani.
Kelly Green-vocals, cowbells.
Gary Thompson-lead, rhythm guitar.

Frijid Pink is an American rock/blues band formed in 1967.
They had a hit single, a cover of "The House of the rising sun" by Eric Burdon and The Animals in 1969 which sold a million copies.

At their heights of popularity even Led Zeppelin opened for them at Grande Ballroom in Detroit.

This debut album was recorded under the Deram label in 1970 and yielded a hit single with the song "Sing a song of freedom".

The band went through a lot of changes in musicians and still continues to perform in clubs around the Michigan area.

Side One: 1. Black Lace 2. Sing a song f0r freedom (video) 3. I'll never be lonely 4. Bye bye blues.

Side Two: 1. Pain in my heart 2. Sloony 3. I'm moving 4. I haven't got the time.