Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West, Bruce & Laing-Whatever Turns You On.

Leslie West (ex- Mountain) -guitar, dobro,vocals.
Jack Bruce (ex- Cream) -bass, organ, harp, vocals.
Corky Laing (ex Mountain) -drums, percussion.

West, Bruce and Laing formed in 1972, is a blues/hard rock super group in the mould of The Cream.

This second studio album under the RSO label, reached #87 on the US Billboard chart- was not as successful as their first album "Why Dontcha"

The album cover depicts their alter-"turns on" i.e :

My fave song is "Slow Blues"

Side One: 1. Backfire 2. Token 3. Shifting Sand 4. November Song.

Side Two: 1. Rock and Roll Machine 2. Scotch Krotch 3. Slow Blues (video) 4. Dirty Shoes 5. Like A Plate

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