Thursday, January 13, 2011

Uriah Heep Live-January 1973.

Uriah Heep is a major attraction in the world of rock and roll music-
with extensive touring during their heights of popularity after the success of Demons and Wizards and The Magician's Birthday.

This double live "US Gold" album on the Island Label was recorded in front of a live audience in Birmingham, England-featuring all their major hits songs.

The set was played with so much energy and power and I just love the prolonged song "July Morning"

The record ended with a medley of classic rock and roll songs like "Roll over Beethoven", "Blue Suede Shoes"..etc

David Byron (ex-Spice)-vocals-a peacockish dresser with a great voice who likes attention and shake the mike-stand hard.

Ken Hensley (ex-Jimmie Brown Sound/Gods/Toe Fat)-keyboards-a great and narrative song writer.

Mike Box-(ex-Stalkers/Spice)-guitar, vocals-plays chunky chords with simple climatic and melodic solos.

Lee Kerslake-drums-a body drummer because he doesn't play his drum kit from his wrist or from his strong forearms-a muscular powerhouse with every crushing beat.

Gary Thain (ex-Keef Hartley)-bass, vocals-looks thin and gaunt but a tower of power on bass-one of the best rock bassist in UK.

Side One: 1. Sunrise 2. Sweet Lorraine 3. Traveller in Time 4. Easy Living.

Side Two: 1. July Morning 2. Tears in my eyes.

Side Three: 1. Gypsy 2. Circle of hands.

Side Four: 1. Look at yourself 2. Magician's Birthday 3. Love machine 4. Rock and roll medley -Roll over Beethoven- Blue suede shoes-Mean woman blues- At the Hop-Whole lotta shakin' goin' on-Blue suede shoes.


Z said...

One of my favorite '70s bands. I think you have most of the albums. All the songs are memorable and some are still played on the radio stations here.

newd acid said...

Remember Ash Wednesday used to play their songs?