Sunday, January 23, 2011

Traffic-Shoot out at the fantasy factory.

Chris Wood-flute, saxophone.
Roger Hawkins-drums,
David Hood-bass.
Rebop Kwaku Baah-percussions.
Jim Capaldi-vocal, percussions.
Steve Winwood-organ,piano, guitar, vocals.

Traffic is an English rock band.
This is their sixth studio album recorded in Jamaica, 1973-only managed to reach #6 on the Billboard Pop Albums Chart.

The music is tight rhythm and blues with jazzy intonation and good clear percussion.

My favorite song is "Shoot out the fantasy factory"

Side One: 1. Shoot out at the fantasy factory (video) 2. Roll right stones.

Side Two: 1. Evening blue 2. Tragic magic 3. (Sometimes I feel so) Uninspired.


Z said...

This is a superb album. I think I bought it too. My favorite is "Sometimes I Feel So (Uninspired)".

newd acid said...

Z-all the songs are good.