Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jethro Tull-Songs From The Wood.

Ian Anderson-vocals, flute, guitar,mandolin, whistles. (great story teller and fantastic flute solos)
Martin Barre- electric guitar, lute. (heavy guitar riffs)
John Evans- piano, organ, synthesizers. (great melodic playing)
Barriemore Barlow-drums, marimba, glockenspiel, bells, nakers, tabor. (big and strong beat)
John Glascock-bass, vocals. (commanding bass)
David Palmer-piano, synthesizer, organ, second keyboardist. (good arrangement)

Jethro Tull are a British rock group formed in 1967.

Their music are a fusion of progressive blues, rock, classical, jazz and folk-focusing on Ian Anderson lyrics, vocals and flute works.

A new rural lifestyle inspired this folk rock album with lyrics about the country side.

This album on the Chrysalis label was recorded in 1977 and received rave reviews.

My fave songs is "Songs from the wood"

Side A: 1. Songs from the wood (video) 2. Jack-in-the green 3. Cup of wonder 4. Hunting girl 5. Ring out, Solstice Bells.

Side B: 1. Velvet Green 2. The Whistler 3. Pibroch (Cap in hand) 4. Fire at midnight.


Z said...

I can't recall this album. I'm sure you also bought 'Aqualung' and "Thick as a Brick" although I got "A Passion Play".

newd acid said...

Z- I have most of their albums.