Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Freak Scene-Psychedelic Psoul.

The Freak Scene was an American studio band comprising:

David Bromberg.
Eliezer Adorzm.
Felix Pappalardi.
Herd Lovelle.
Jerry Satpir.
Mike Mohel.
Rusty Evans.
Steve Knight.
The Devil's Anvil.

They had some success with their 1966 studio project "The Deep"
Music is psychedelic, fun acid with dominating bass lines leading on most songs with obscured spunky vocals.

Quite entertaining and needs a couple of listen to get into it's groove.

This album was released under the CBS Label in 1967

My fave song is "Rose of smiling faces"

Side One: 1. A million grains of sand 2. ....when in the course of human events (Draft beer, not students) 3. Interpolation:we shall overcome 4. Rose of smiling faces (video) 5. Behind the mind 6. The subway ride thru inner space 7. Butterfly dream.

Side Two: 1. My rainbow life 2. The center of my soul 3. Watered down soul 4. Red roses will weep 5. Mind bender 6. Grok !

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