Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Badger-One Live Badger.

Tony Kayes-(ex-Flash, Yes)-keyboards, mellotron.
David Foster (ex The Warriors)-bass, vocals.
Roy Dyke (ex Ashton, Garner & Dyke)-drums.
Brian Parrish-electric guitar, vocals.

Badger was a progressive English rock band from the early 70s founded by Tony Kayes and David Foster.

This live album is their first album and was released in 1973 under the Atco label.

Music and songs are like an extension of Yes with more funky keyboards interacting with bluesy guitar licks and is a real high energy live set.

My fave song is "Wind of change"

Rock Art cover by Roger Dean.

Side One: 1. Wheel of fortune 2. Fountain 3. Wind of change (video).

Side Two: 1. River 2. The Preacher 3. On the way home.

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