Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Quests 33rd Revolution.

Reggie Verghese-lead guitar.
Jap Chong-rhythm guitar.
Sam Toh-bass.
Lim Wee Guan-drums.
Vernon Cornelius-vocals.
Jimmy Chan-keyboardist.

The Quests was a Singaporean pop band signed with EMI in 1964.
They were one of the earliest band to compose their own songs and had a #1 hit with "Shanty" on the local charts.
They are good musicians and have performed all over South East Asia.
They went through a few personnel changes and disbanded in1971.

This album's psychedelic cover was a bold change by a local band and some of the songs incorporated local instruments like tabla and the sitar.

My fave song is "Hava Nagila"

Side One: 1. Hava Nagila (video) 2. Come on down to my boat 3. Quantanamera 4. Hur Pi Tzu Shau Hsiang 5. Never ever 6. Mr. Rainbow.

Side Two: 1. Georgy girl 2. 25 miles 3. What's is wrong with the way I live 4. This nearly was mine 5. I'll never fall in love again 6. A world of tomorrows.

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