Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Duane Allman-lead guitar, acoustic, slide guitar.
Dicky Betts-lead guitar.
Gregg Allman-organ, piano, vocals.
Berry Oakley-bass,vocals.
Jai Johanny Johanson-drums, percussion, congas, timbales.
Butch Trucks- drums, tympani.
Thom Doucette- harmonica, percussion.
Jaimoe-drums, percussion.
Chuck Leavell-piano, electric piano, background vocals.
Lamar Williams- electric bass.
Richard Betts-lead guitar, slide guitar, vocals.
Johnny Sandlin-acoustic guitar, percussion.
Bill Stewart-percussion.

The Allman Brothers Band is an influential and innovative American blues, rock group spearheaded by Duane Allman with two lead guitarists and two drummers-a unique first for blues, rock and country music.

Duane Allman's death at an early age was a loss to the "Southern rock" music scene- if not he would have taken the electric slide guitar to even more celestial heights.

This album was recorded on their own Capricorn label and is a compilations album of all their hits songs- with the sleeves written in the German/English language.

My fave song is "Statesboro blues" and "Midnight rider"

Side One: 1. Black hearted woman 2. Dreams 3. Whipping post 4. Midnight rider (video).

Side Two: 1. Statesboro Blues (video) 2. Stormy Monday 3. Hoochie Coochie man 4. Stand back.

Side Three 1. One way out 2. Blue sky 3. Hot' lanta 4. Ain't wastin' time no more 5. Melissa.

Side Four: 1. Wasted words 2. Jessica 3. Rambling man 4. Little Martha.


Z said...

I get the chills everytime I play "Statesboro Blues" with Duane Allman on slide. I have several versions of this track and the best is from the Fillmore East concert, March 1971. You can watch many Duane Allman disciples on youtube, each giving their best, performing "Statesboro Blues".

newd acid said...

it is a truly great song but i can't get one with Duane on it.