Sunday, November 1, 2009


Wolfgang Schmid-bass, guitar.
Curt Cress-drums, electric percussions.
Kristian Schultze-Fender piano, organ.
Klaus Doldinger-tenor sax, soprano sax, moog, electric piano, mellotron.

This was their last album and was released under the WEA label in 1973.

The music on this album is fusion jazz improvisation rock of the 70's era centering around Klaus saxophone-playful, tight and upbeat.

My fave song is "Tarantula"

Side One: 1. Eternal spiral 2. Looking thru' 3. Zwischenspiel 4. Rockport.

Side Two: 1. Tarantula 2. Ready for take off 3. Eloquence 4.Things to come.


Z said...

I like this track too but my favorite is "Rockport". The 'live' release "Doldinger Jubilee Concert" from 1974 also has an extended and superb version of 'Rockport'. The concert featured many well known performers from the era, including Brian Auger and Alexis Korner (guitar and vocals on 'Rock Me Baby').

newd acid said...

will give "Rockport" another listen.