Wednesday, October 21, 2009


John Bonham-drums, percussion.
John Paul Jones-bass, organ, piano, electric piano, mellotron, guitar, mandolin, VCS3 synthesizer.
Jimmy Page-acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin.
Robert Plant-harmonica, vocals, acoustic guitar.

Physical Graffiti is their 6th album -a double album released in 1975 under the Atlantic label.
Most of the songs are unreleased tracks from earlier recording's session.
A commercially successful album-went platinum and ranked 70 on Rolling Stone magazine.

The music on this album is varied-musical hard rock, eastern-influenced, orchestral, funk, acoustic, ballad, blues and rock and roll.

Showing the band at their most creative and expressive!

My fave song is "Kashmir".

Album cover depicted a two 5-story building located at 96 & 98 St. Mark's Place in New York City.

Album One-Side one-1. Custard pie 2. The rover 3. In my time of dying.

Side two- 1. Houses of the holy 2. Trampled under foot 3. Kashmir (video)

Album Two-Side one-1.In the light 2. Bron-yr-aur 3. Down by the seaside 4. Ten years gone.

Side two- 1. Night flight 2. The wanton song 3. Boogie with Stu 4. Black country woman 4. Sick again.


Z said...

'Kashmir' is my favorite track off of this album too. You can hear it often on the classic rock stations here.

newd acid said...

both of us are on the same "wave" bandwith.