Sunday, November 29, 2009


Graham Field-organ.
David Kaffinetti-electric piano.
Steve Gould-bass guitar, lead vocals.
Mark Ashton-drums, timps, backing vocals.

Rarebird was an English progressive rock band formed in 1969 and was more famous in Europe than at home.

This studio album was recorded in 1969, under the Philip label and Tony Straton-Smith commented on their album sleeve:-
"Rarebird are a rare find, innovative, original, deeply musical and they are one on their own!"

The band sported dual keyboardists and was one of the finest band to emerged in the 1960's - 1070's..songs with well crafted lyrics, melody and harmonics which sounds fresh even today.

My fave song is "Sympathy" which sold a million copies.

Side One: 1. Iceberg 2. Times 3. You went away 4. Melanie.

Side Two: 1, Beautiful scarlet 2. Sympathy (video) 3. Natures fruit 4. God of war.

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