Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Kevin Mulligan-guitar.
Dieter Petereit-bass.
Hermann Weindorf-keyboards.
Curt Cress- drums.
Klaus Doldinger-soprano, alto sax, keyboards, lyricon.
Victoria Miles-vocals.

This album was recorded under the Atlantic label in 1986 and featured maestro Klaus and his aging jazz rockers with lot of improvisation and a spiral of sounds from his saxophone.

My fave song is "Heavy nights"

Side One: 1.Bahia praia 2. Playing games 3. Here today 4. Forever.

Side Two: 1. Heavy nights 2. Easy come, easy go 3. Remembrance 4. It's magic.

I could not find any of this album songs on Youtube so here is Passport playing "Schirokko" with guest musician Alexis Corner (guy with cigarette).


Z said...

Great album of 80s jazz. My favorite track is "It's Magic", with Victoria Miles on vocals.

foodbin said...

Z-a great album, indeed!