Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Curved Air-Phantasmagoria.

Sonja Kristina-vocals, acoustic guitar (with a mysterious voice).
Francis Monkman (ex- Sisyphus)-guitars, keyboards, tubular bells, gong, percussion (cool guitar).
Florian Pilkington-Miksa (ex-Sisyphus)-drums, percussion (solid and extraordinary).
Darryl Way (ex-Trace)-violin, keyboards, tubular bells, mellotron (eerie synths on his violin).
Mike Wedgewood (ex-Caravan)-bass, acoustic guitar, vocals (understated bass).

Guest Musicians:
- Annie Stewart / flute on "Melinda (More or Less)"
- Crispian Steele-Perkins / trumpet
- Paul Cosh / trumpet
- Jim Watson / trumpet
- George Parnaby / trumpet
- Chris Pyne / trombone
- Alan Gout / trombone
- David Purser / trombone
- Steve Saunders / trombone
- Frank Ricotti / xylophone, vibes
- Mal Linwood-Ross / percussion
- Colin Caldwell / percussion
- Jean Akers / percussion and featuring
- Doris the Cheetah / Grand Finale on Cheetah

Curved Air were a British progressive art rock band formed in 1968.

This masterpiece 3rd album was recorded in 1972 under the Warner Bros Record.
It reached No. 20 in the UK Charts and is notable for its early use of the EMS Synthi 100 synthesizer to process lead singer Sonja Kristina's voice on the second side.

Music is advanced for it's time-soft, progressive rock and does not offend the ears.

My fave song is " Melinda (More or less)" and "Marie Antoinette."

Side One: 1. "Marie Antoinette" 2. "Melinda (More or Less)" (video) 3. "Not Quite the Same" 4 "Cheetah" 5. "Ultra-Vivaldi"

Side Two: 1. "Phantasmagoria" 2. "Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over Anyway? 3. "Over and Above" 4."Once a Ghost, Always a Ghost"


Z said...

A masterpiece indeed. I almost forgot about them and this album. 'Melinda' is a great track. Eddie Jobson joined the band on it's next album 'Air Cut'.

newd acid said...

Z-both are equally good violinist.