Monday, August 27, 2012

Eric Clapton-Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton (CBE) ex: Yardbirds,
                                     John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers,
                                     Blind Faith,
                                     Derek & The Dominoes,
is an English guitarist, singer and songwriter.
He's one of the most important and influential guitarist of all time.
His genres stretches from pop, rock, hard rock, blues, psychedelic, reggae.....etc

This album is the eponymous debut solo album from Eric Clapton released in August of 1970.
Most of the songs are written by Delaney Bramlett and him except for Lonesome and a long way home with Leon Russell, Told you for the last time with Steve Cropper and After Midnight by JJ Cale.

And recorded with the best secessionists in the music world.

 Side One 1:"Slunky" – 3:34 2: "Lonesome and a Long Way from Home" (Delaney Bramlett, Bonnie Bramlett, Leon Russell) – 3:29 3:   After Midnight" (J. J. Cale) – 2:51 4: "Easy Now" (Clapton) – 2:57 5: "Blues Power" (Clapton, Russell) – 3:09 

 Side Two: 1: "Bottle of Red Wine" – 3:06  2: "Lovin' You Lovin' Me" – 3:19 3: "Told You For the Last Time" (Delaney Bramlett, Bonnie Bramlett, Steve Cropper) – 2:30 4: "Don't Know Why" – 3:10 5: "Let It Rain" – 5:02

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