Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Crusaders was an American jazz band founded by Joe Sample, Wilton Felder and Wayne Henderson with others hired musicians.

They are one of the pioneers of jazz funk music in the 70's.

This 12th album was a big commercial success for them and was recorded under the MCA label in 1979.

It went to No:5 in the UK hit charts.
A top 20 album on Billboard pop charts, too!

My fave song is "Street Life"

Members: Joe Sample-keyboards-Wilton Felder-saxophone-Stix Hooper-drum-Arthur Adams-guitar-Roland Bautista-guitar-Oscar Brashear-guitar- Randy Crawford-vocals-Paulinho Da Costa-percussion-Barry Finnerty-guitar-William Green -saxophone-Paul Jackson Jr-guitar-James Jamerson-bass-Alphonso Johnson-bass-Robert O'Brien-trumpet-Jerome Richardson-saxophone-Billy Rodgers-guitar.

Side One: 1. Street life (video) 2. My Lady.

Side Two: 1. Rodeo Drive 2. Carnival of the night. 3. The Hustler 4. Night faces.


Z said...

I like this song too. It's 11.18 minutes long!

newd acid said...

a great song, indeed!