Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sandy Posey is an American pop singer, born in Jasper, Alabama.
Despite having 3 hit singles:

1. Born a woman-1966-a women liberationists song.
2. Single girl-1966-gentle vocal.
3. I'll take it back-1967-more up tempo.

she was not fully embraced by fans or was a household name.

This EP was recorded under the MGM label.

My fave song is "Single girl"

Side One: 1.Born a woman 2. Caution to the wind.

Side Two: 1. Blue is my best colour 2. Single girl (video).


Z said...

I remember the songs very well.

newd acid said...

Z-esp. Single Girl?

Z said...

Yes. I see that the shop's address sticker is still on the EP. Now, that's a collector's item! I wonder if the shop is still there.