Sunday, September 27, 2009


John McLaughlin- guitar-energetic, stimulating, profound, speedy and talented.
Jan Hammer-piano, moog synthesizer-solid and fluent.
Jerry Goodman-violin-creavtive and impressive.
Rick Laird-bass-solid.
Billy Cobham-drums-beast on the drums-speedy and precision.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra was jazz rock fusion band led by John McLaughlin that debuted in 1971.

He studied under Indian guru, Sri Chinmoy who gave him the name Mahavishnu which means "divine, compassion, pure and justice."

His trademark are his double neck guitar-(6 &12 strings) and plays mostly instrumental music-amazing styles-electrified rock-complex rhythm in unusual time signatures with jazz, Indian classical and European music influences.

This album "Between nothingness and eternity" was recorded live at the Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park, New York on August 17 & 18 1973 under the Sony label.

Each listening, unearth new things that i did not get to hear the first time around.

My fave song is "Dream".

Side One: 1. Trilogy: The Sunlit path-La mere de la mer-Tomorrow's story not the same. 2. Sister Andrea.

Side Two: 1. Dream (video).


Z said...

One of my favorites in my collection. I listened to it just about 2 months ago.

newd acid said...

Z-it's great album-all the top sessionists are in it.