Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christie-Yellow river.

Jeff Christie-vocals, bass, songwriter.
Vic Elmes-guitar.
Mike Blakely-drums.

Christie were an English pop rock band formed in the 1960s'.

The 1970 U.K. hit singles song "Yellow river" written by Jeff Christie and recorded under the CBS label was offered to the Tremeloes but they rejected it.

It became a perennial favorites among other artistes, at parties and radio stations all over the world.

Side One: Yellow river.

Side Two: Down the Mississippi line.


Z said...

One of our big favorites. The Tremeloes did record but decided not to release it.However they allowed Christie to use their backing vocals on the released version. A monster hit.

foodbin said...

Jeff Christie was quite a prolific songwriter, San Bernardino was a hit singles for them too.

Z said...

Yes, it was their second hit. Another one was "Man with many faces". Remember our trip to Cameron Highlands? Lim Teng Sai had 'Yellow River' on his cassette tape, along with 'American Woman' and other songs. He played the songs over and over again because he brought only 1 tape!!