Tuesday, January 5, 2010


David Byron-vocals
Mick Box-guitar
Ken Hensley-keyboards
Paul Newton-bass guitar
Alex Napier-drums.

Uriah Heep are a British heavy rock group and can be considered as one of the most popular bands in the 70s together with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple....etc

very 'eavy very 'umble , their debut album- released under the Vertigo label was a big hit.
The music is rock, bluesy, heavy with some beautiful ballads-Hammond organ driven, great guitar riffs with dynamic vocals.

My fave song is "Gypsy"

Side One- 1. Gypsy (video) 2. Walking in your shadow 3. Come away Melinda 4. Lucy blues.

Side two: 1. Dreammare 2. Real turned on 3. I'll keep on trying 4. Wake up (set your sights)


Z said...

Oh yes, one of the gang's favorite albums. I'm glad you still have it. 'Gypsy' is my favorite too.

newd acid said...

the haunting "Come away Melinda" is awesome, too!